We are immensely proud of our USA made products, renowned for their exceptional quality and unmatched durability, promising a lifetime of reliable use.

A little bit about our company

We opened our business up in 2009 working mostly in the oil and gas industry, which had been successful until early 2020. Just like many businesses during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we found ourselves wondering what the future of our company would look like and if we'd be able to survive during hard times. I wanted to to find a way to keep jobs for all my employees and that's where the brainstorming began. We created an ecommerce store, Ai13.us, where we manufacture and sell gas nozzles. Around the same time we were put in contact with The Food Nanny where we collaborated with Lizi to produce products for her company. We got to work on our first product and started designing the popular Dough Hook! Since then we haven't stopped making new products and the list keeps growing.

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  • kirkham_kitchen

    I got my hands on these pans. Was not an easy task but was so worth it! These baguettes are to die for!

  • kahasy

    Hands down the easiest and tastiest baguette recipe ever! Thank you @thefoodnanny @nuquestutah for amazing products that make baking a dream.

  • findinghomeinteriors

    Love, love, love this bread and dough hook from @thefoodnanny and @nuquestutah. Can't wait to spread some homemade strawberry jam on a delicious slice of this homemade bread tonight!

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